Last Friday Favorites of 2012!

Happy Friday!!

Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas, and that Santa got you everything you wanted :)

Here are some Curvy linkage I came across this week, just for YOU!


Curves are officially part of London Fashion Week!

Emily Anderson on Fat acceptance at the gym 

Fat Acceptance makes for better sex! Hell Yes!

Very interesting read! How Fat Girl blogging ate itself

Also, Plus Size Lady Bloggers look fly, make us want to go shopping. You can also find the original NY Times article here


And here are some images I loved this week:



Such a pretty bridal look!


Love Ellen!


So Sexy!

That’s it for me guys, and this is CGR’s last post of 2012!!! Have an amazing NYE!!



Curvy Confidence : Celebs talk body image w/ Amanda De Cadenet

Hola Lovelies!!!

Hope everyone’s having a wonderful weekend! I wanted to share some YouTube links for The Conversation with Amanda De Cadenet, specifically one with Crystal Renn about her weight loss, and the wonderful Rita Wilson on body image and trying to stay thin.  They’re just a few minutes each, but it’s great stuff.


Crystal Renn:


Rita Wilson:


I’m laying low this weekend watching all things Curvy on YouTube, so I’m sure I’ll be posting more very soon :)




My favorite Curvy Look: The skin tight dress!

Happy Sunday Lovelies,

I’ve been holed up all day, cleaning and looking at clothes online, and I quickly realized that my favorite look has to be the skin tight dress!

The idea that baggy is better for the curvy girl is such a  load of crap, and sadly, for a long time, I believed it too.  But the most flattering way to show off your curves is a tight-ass sexy dress and a comfortable undergarment to smooth out all the bumps…





I just love all of these looks! So beautiful and sexy, don’t you think?



Freak-Sheet Friday!


Happy Friday Lovelies!

Hope the plans are amazing! Here’s some curvy linkage for your weekend pleasure:

From the other side – A lament from a size 0 on the ever changing body ideal

This reminds me of when I was shopping with my mom at JC Penney, and we passed by a plus size mannequin.  She says “Look it’s you!” thinking it would make me feel bad about my weight.  I turned to look at the mannequin and smiled and said “Damn, then I’m a hottie!” (My mom wasn’t happy lol) Anyway, yes to more plus size mannequins!

Ahh Levis, you are truly clueless

I really hope this is a rumor Jennifer Hudson

Black women are heavier and happier with their bodies than white women.

Hollands next top model wins lawsuit after getting fired due to her weight

Behind the scenes with Ashley Graham for Addition Elle




It’s (Black) Freak-Sheet Friday!

Happy Black Friday!!

Hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving, and ate ALOT of goodies!  Here are some links to get your Black Friday going in full swing:

Ten Plus Size fashion DON’T’S from Full Figure Plus

Beauty starts with a gorgeous heart :) Love Healthy is the new Skinny

Versace for H & M rejects real women modeling concept

A very interesting article from Stylelist about the high number of nude plus model shoots 

The Curvy Fashionista has the FULL Black Friday breakdown!  All of the stores, all of the deals!

And The Budget Fashionista has tips to keep you sane while shopping today!

I was quite upset that she came in third, but I was thrilled to see Ricki Lake rocking it out on DWTS!

Have a great weekend lovelies!



New Post: Freak-Sheet Friday!!

Hey guys!

It’s Halloween weekend! Hope you enjoy some yummy treats and scary fun! Here’s some cool stuff I found on the interwebs this week:

But of course, the HILARIOUS Melissa McCarthy is the new Queen of Comedy!!

Tatyana Ali’s show “Love that Girl” fat shames Erica Watson!

Also from The Frisky, great Curvy Coats for this season

How to love your body….so simple really!

How Plus Size Characters are changing TV

Marie Claire urges women to LOVE THEIR BODIES!!!

Oh I would SO buy a plus size Barbie!

Ahem…I’ve been saying this for the longest!!! Weight has NOTHING to do with health!

Here’s a sneak peek of the new show Curvy Girls!

And finally….What can happen when we use the word fat?


Have an amazing weekend!!



Freak-Sheet Friday!!



TGIF Lovelies!

Hope you all are doing awesome!  Here’s some sweet linkage just for YOU!


Vogue has the Elena Miro Collection, and it’s beautiful!

Crystal Renn is has lost some weight, and everyone’s making a fuss about it

Thank you Sherri!!! Yes you CAN get freaky at any size!

Melissa McCarthy is starting a plus size clothing line! Wohoo!

And the brand new video release of Adele’s Someone Like You

Have an amazing weekend!!!



My Curvy Girl Crush…Mia Tyler!


Beautiful, sexy, and just straight-up a badass bitch, Mia Tyler threw the doors wide open and made everyone see her, truly see her and never forget, as a model, on of the first models with a real body!  Recognized worldwide as one of the first plus size models, she brought sexy to a different level!

She began plus-size modeling at age 20 and was represented by Wilhelmina Models and worked for many companies that loved her rock and roll vibe! She also wrote a book,  Creating Myself: How I learned that Beauty Comes in all Shapes, Sizes and Packages, Including Me. as well a a plus size clothing line and managing rock bands.

You can also find her on Twitter!